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Letter From the Board President
  • Important Season Dates to Remember

    March 17th  - Salnave 3

    • Baseball Tryouts 11am
    • AAA/Majors Coach’s meeting:  12:30p.m.
    • Softball Tryouts:  1:00p.m.

    March 25th

    • Softball Player’s Clinic: 12-2pm – Salnave

    March 18th – Medical Lake Waterfront

    • Baseball Tryouts:  11am
    • Softball Tryouts:  1pm
    • Softball Coach’s Meeting:  2:30p.m.

    March 26

    • AAA/Majors Practices start

    March 21

    • Last Chance Baseball Tryouts:  5:45p.m. - Salnave 3
    • Baseball Majors Draft:  6:45p.m. – Wren Pierson Building

    April 2-5: 

    • Medical Lake High School Baseball Camp for grades 1-6
    • Medical Lake High School Field

    March 22

    • Last Chance Softball Tryouts:  6 – 6:30 p.m. Medical Lake Waterfront
    • Softball Majors Draft:  6:45p.m. – Pizza Factory

    April 12

    • AAA Pitching/Catching Clinic – 5:30p.m. SALNAVE 3

    March 24 and 25th

    • Players Notifications

    April 14

    • Softball Player’s Clinic: – 9am-3pm – Medical Lake Field

    April 16

    • AAA Majors Games Start
    • AA/A Practices Start
    • OPENING CEREMONIES:  April 28, 2018  - 11:00a.m. – SALNAVE 3

    April 28

  • Medical Lake HS
    Spring Baseball Camp
    The 1st Annual Cardinal Spring Baseball Camp is for 1st-6th grade baseball players looking to improve their fundamental baseball skills while having fun doing it.

    Grades 1-6 (No Medical Lake 7th or 8th graders allowed to participate due to WIAA Rules)

    • Medical Lake HS Varsity Baseball Field
    • April 4, 5, 6
    • 2-4pm

    Click for Registration Form!

  • Important!
    Bat Changes in 2018!
    USA baseball bat standard changes, effective January 1, 2018. Please read this and make yourself aware of the new standard in bat sizes and why the change is being made.
    Approved Bat List
    New League Ages

    Little League International has redefined the league age again for the second year in a row. The new league age cutoff will be the players age as of September 1. This will apply to all players born after September 1, 2005.

    Players born before September 1, 2006 are still under the April 30th cutoff date.

    Please visit the League Age Determination chart on the National Little League web site for more details.
    Little League - Determine League Age Chart

All-Star Champions

8-10 Baseball District 13 Champions
Majors Baseball District 13 Champions

Majors Softball District 13 Champions
10-11 Baseball District 13 Champions

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