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Tips for Handling a Trouble Parent (2007)

Coaches Parent Meeting Outline (2006)

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Equipment Checkout List

WPLL Coaching Information

A. League Coordinators are our main contact for questions, rescheduled games, rainouts or complains.

B. Rainout Policy
1. Fields inspected prior to 3pm
2. Games not canceled by 3pm will be played
3. Teams will forfeit if not present at game time
4. Only WPLL appointed representatives can declare a game canceled due to field conditions

C. Coaches Please Maintain the Fields and Teach the Kids to Take Care of the Field
1. After ALL practices and games
2. Fill in holes as well as possible
3. Clean up trash at all fields (talking with parents helps here)

D. Reporting Scores and Highlights
1. To the new WPLL coaches Web Site

E. Keeping Stats
1. Triple AAA and Majors are required.
2. Used for selecting All-Star teams.
3. What is a HIT.
4. What is an ERROR (ordinary effort).
5. Train parent volunteers – Volunteer Application.

F. All Star selections
1. Coaches must keep stats.
2. Coaches need to scout opposing players.
3. Both Majors and AAA players make all-stars.

G. Equipment
1. If you need equipment contact your coordinator.
2. Keep track of equipment if you give it out to a player.
3. You are in charge of collecting uniforms (Suggestion: Strip Players at the field), or you have to visit each house and collect uniforms.
4. Fill out the attached list and return it to WPLL at the end of the season.

H. Handouts
1. Parents like a list of players on the team and their phone numbers
2. Mariners Game.
3. Picture Packets – Picture times have not been set. You will be notified as well as it being posted on the Internet.

All-Star Champions

8-10 Baseball District 13 Champions
Majors Baseball District 13 Champions

Majors Softball District 13 Champions
10-11 Baseball District 13 Champions

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