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Rainout Policy
Schedule Change Policy
WPLL Rainout Procedure
AAA Team Creation Policy
Playtime Policy
Stealing Policy
Assistant Coach Policy
Tied Game Policy
Volunteer Form Retention Policy
Trade Policy
Combined North and South Team Policy AAA
Travel Teams Policy

Rainout Policy

When a rainout occurs the game will be made up the second Saturday following the rained out game, If the rainout occurs during the last 2 weeks of the regular season then the game will be played on the regularly scheduled rainout date.

Schedule Change

If the coach cannot field a minimum of 9 league players, then that coach must notify the scheduling coordinator 10 days prior to the game being played. If possible the game will be made up the 2nd Saturday after the regular scheduled game. The schedule coordinator will make every attempt to re-schedule the game.

Rainout Procedure

WPLL will check on the fields by 3:00 p.m. on days in question.

  • If the field is determined playable, no phone calls will be made.
  • If the field is determined not to be playable, Coordinators will call coaches that were suppose to play on the field by 3:30 pm.
  • Coordinators will also call Scheduler to notify her of the rainout in order to schedule the makeup game.
  • When the game has been rescheduled, Scheduler will call the coaching coordinators with the new game day and time. Makeup games will also be posted on the internet on our schedules page.

If coaches do not receive a phone call by 3:30, the game is assumed to be on and will only be called at home plate by the games umpire. If one team does not showup, the team that shows up will be awarded a forfeit victory.

Coaches, if you do not receive a phone call by 3:30, you had better be at the field!

AAA Team Creation Policy
  • At the end of each season, all AA and AAA coaches will fill-out a quantifiable evaluation form for each player eligible for the Majors draft the following season.
  • Should any player not be evaluated by a coach (e.g. players new to the league) the evaluation will be done by the parent(s).
  • The evaluation "scores" for all players will be totaled and divided by the number of teams needed, to establish the target cumulative team score.
  • Teams will then be formed by the WPLL Player Agent, with cumulative team scores to be within the established target range.
  • Late registrations will be added to teams based on their evaluation score and the needs of the teams.
  • Final team creation will be confirmed by the WPLL Board.
  • Car-pooling "partners" will be limited to a 1:1 relationship between families. e.g. One player cannot be listed as a car-pool partner with more than one other family. All car-pool arrangements are subject to WPLL Board approval. **See car-pool form**
  • Team managers (head coaches) may choose their assistant coach prior to team formation, however, should both coaches have children on the team, they will not be eligible for car-pool partnerships with any other player.
  • Siblings will be placed on the same team as requested.
  • This process will be used as a trial for the 2014 season. The WPLL Board will gather feedback and evaluate the system at the October board meeting.

Playtime and Positioning at the AAA and Majors Level

Our board believes that our coaches have the right to determine playtime and positioning for WPLL players at the AAA and Majors levels. Our board will support our coaches as they make these delicate decisions since they have been entrusted to run practices, maintain team statistics, ensure player safety and attend games.

Additionally, our board feels that WPLL's responsibility to its players is of equal importance to:

  • Develop players' baseball skills
  • Develop players' love for the game of baseball
  • Facilitate a team atmosphere where all players contribute
  • Provide for an over-all good baseball experience
  • And maintain player safety

Balancing coaches' rights to determine individual players' playtime and the WPLL Board's responsibility to all of our players baseball experience can conflict at times.

For this reason, the board is asking that all coaches at the AAA and Majors level set a goal to have each player on a team play at least 4 complete games during the course of a season. This will help ensure that certain players are not consistently played only the league minimum playtime for each game.

The WPLL Board asks our coaches to do this in the form of a policy statement to honor coaches' responsibility while giving them flexibility to adjust when players play to upholding our leagues responsibilities to all of our players.

AAA Stealing

Our board believes that a graduated introduction to stealing and advancing on passed balls and overthrows is in the best interested for the development of WPLL players. Our rule allows 3 play dates preparation for players to learn the fundamentals of advancing, and also of how to defend against advancing. The board accounted for many factors when creating this rule. Factors included:

  • Based on the best practices of other league around our state, this method was similar in creating an introduction period before players were allowed to advance at all times.
  • The extra time allows coaches to develop the fundamentals needed to defend runners advancing as well as develop fundamental baseball skills which will also reduce opportunities for advancing on the bases.
  • The graduated time of 3 play dates was chosen because it is a short enough time period that coaches will not abuse the time table by not preparing their team for when advancing becomes legal. Coaches are encouraged to begin preparing their team for stealing from the beginning of the season.
  • The majority of the season will be played with stealing and advancing because it prepares the player for their next level of baseball. Base running is a fundamental skill and it needs to be practiced in order for the player to be good at it.
  • For the first 3 play dates of the season, the board elected to use a dead ball because any version of a live ball created scenarios that could be confusing to players, umpires and fans. It is better for all parties to have a clear rule which can be easily interpreted.
  • Based on feedback from past coaches, advancing and stealing shortened games, kept kids more involved and active, lowered scores and helped get players ready for higher levels of play. Coaches' feedback said that this is a fundamental which is taught at the AAA level.

Assistant Coach Policy

For any new player in the Majors or Junior League draft, the parent is not allowed to be present as a coach at try-outs or at the draft.

Tied Game Policy

When a game is tied at the conclusion of a time limit for the Majors and AAA, the game will follow the Little League rule book for suspended games. The suspended game will be scheduled to conclude 1 hour prior to the next time the two teams play. If the teams are not scheduled to play again, the game will be scheduled to conclude on the rainout date at the conclusion of the season.

Volunteer Form Retention Policy

Volunteer Forms will be collected at the beginning of each baseball/softball season. The Volunteer Forms will be run through said background check company. Once said background check company shows volunteer is clear, forms will be disposed of in a proper shredding container.

If background check shows volunteer is not clear, then more information will be gathered to make sure volunteer should not be assisting in the West Plains Little League. The volunteer will be notified of the not clear status and they will be told that they cannot assist in our league. Once this person has been notified, the volunteer form and background check paperwork will be disposed of in a proper shredding container.

Additionally, the head coach of the team will be notified that the person's volunteer form did not clear and that they are not allowed to help with the team in any manner.

West Plains Little League trade policy
  1. There must be a justifiable reason such as:
    1. A condition exists where there is conflict between a coach, player, or parent. This should be the last option, conflicts should always be resolved if possible.
    2. A condition exists where a parent of a player becomes a manager (head coach) and therefore takes his/her player to the new team.
    3. Other justifiable reason may exist and must be presented to the board as part of the request for a trade.
  2. No trades can occurred to intentionally give one team an advantage over another.
  3. If there is a trade, the trade will not include player for draft pick(s)
  4. The board allows draft pick for draft pick, immediately after the draft is finished, if all managers and player agent agree.
  5. The WPLL board reserves the right to refuse any trade that we do not feel satisfactorily meets the above practices.

Little League International Rules

Trades can only be conducted AFTER the draft, and before the 14th day of the regular season. If all of the following parties do not agree to the trade, then there cannot be a trade:

  • The managers of both teams
  • The player agent
  • The board of directors by majority vote

The board must decide if the trade is for justifiable reasons. Just exactly what is "justifiable" is totally up to the local Little League's board of directors.

Trades must be player for player only. Example: Two managers could trade players they have just drafted, pending the approval of the player agent and board of directors.

The player agent must monitor trades closely to prevent manipulation of the system.

There can be no trades between teams in separate charters or divisions. For example, a team in Downtown National Little League could not trade with a team in Downtown American Little League, even if both leagues are operated by one board of directors.

Reasons for a combined North/South league at the Majors/Jr. League Level

In December, the WPLL board removed the N/S divisions for its Jr. League & Majors Divisions. Reasons for the division are:

  1. Striving for better equality of teams ~ All teams getting the opportunity to choose from a larger pool of players will allow them choose better players and thus balance the leagues talent distribution.
  2. Ensure that all players worthy of playing in Majors & Jr. League are selected ~ Because numbers on the North and South are never the same, and talent is never the same, with a division, there is the possibility that a player on one side of the line would not get selected to play Majors/Jr. League, but on the other side if the line, they would make a team easily. Having all players in one pool helps us ensure that all players worthy of the majors are going to get selected into the majors.
  3. Keeps one side from beating up on the other ~ If we did not have a hard North & South boundaries, groups of kids could join one side or the other, and thus swing the talent to one division. If there are divisions, a group of kids, signing up for one division, could leave the other division with no talent to choose from, and the next division have a ton of talent.
  4. Travel is not much of an issue any more ~ When WPLL originally divided its league, it was done because parents were not use to traveling outside of their community for practice. However, over the past 3 years, WPLL board members have seen in increase in the willingness to travel. Since games are still going to be rotated between ML & Cheney, difference in travel may be only one-two days a week.
  5. Development of our LL community ~ By keeping divisions, kids will never get the opportunity to work with players from the other side of the division, and thus there will always be a feeling of division in the league. Our goal is to have our players compete in one league with a sense of dedication to the league, and not to only one part of our league. Removing boundaries helps bring two communities together to form a stronger league.
  6. All-Stars development ~ With our kids forming All-Stars at the end of the season, we would like them to represent our league as one team, not two separate divisions on the same field. This change allows for the kids from both the North & South to be familiar with each other be for being on the same All-Star team.
  7. For the Jr. League, different sides of the divisions have different rules ~ With two different high school programs involved with our kids, there is a difference in how they run their summer programs. On one side of the freeway, they are removing 14 year-olds from the league by having them play legion baseball. On the other side of the freeway, they do not. With a N/S division, on side will have its best 14 year-olds playing, and the other side will not. This sets one side up for not being competitive right away.

There are many other reasons that were discussed by the WPLL board, but the basis for the decision is that we believe that this makes our league better, and helps us ensure that we are fallowing through on our goal of giving our kids the best possible baseball product we can.

WPLL Select Travel Team Policy

The WPLL board supports the creation of select travel teams created from players in our league in accordance with the Little League International Rules (please see the current LL rulebook for details).

The WPLL board has committed to purchasing seperate uniforms for travel teams and will help facilitate these teams with equipment and necessary supplies.

The WPLL board will not accept any team costs such as travel or tournament fees. Those may be covered by the teams parents, or by a sponsor.

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